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Our structured team of DRG Coding experts guarantees precision. We manage insurance returns, any missing documentation and provide simple insights to optimise billing.  

Healthcare admin, done

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Your cases are coded when you need them.

  • Remove your backlog and reduce your delay for booking revenue

  • Seamless integration with your processes for minimal disruption

  • Continuous review and transparent audit for quality control

  • Insights and reporting built into our process

Our teams are available to code your cases on site or remotely to meet your deadlines. Our centralised coding operation guarantees reliable capacity. Our coders work in teams to ensure that they code the cases most appropriate to them, that administrative work is reduced to a minimum and communications are done efficiently. Our internal audit system ensures consistent quality, and provides you with a transparent report so you can keep track of our work. By training our coders to handle insurance returns and internal documentation discussions with all members of a hospital, we keep disruption of your team’s work to a minimum.

How We Work

Train & Place

Recruit and train new coders without reducing capacity or developing a training program.

  • Complete coding curriculum structured and delivered

  • Training according to your institution’s specificities

  • Increase your team’s capacity from day one

  • No disruption to your existing team due to additional training tasks

  • Your recruit benefits from a network of experts to develop the full set of coding skills

  • Contract structured to guarantee a return on your investment

We identify recruits with the skills needed to be a good coder. Working from your hospital from day one, and accompanied by our network of experts they deliver additional coding capacity immediately (instead of adding additional pressure to your team). Our expert coders structure their training and accompany the new recruit remotely to ensure the quality of coding until they are independent. Once they become autonomous, they are obliged to stay with your for at least 2 years. Candidates are vetted and selected to suit your needs and culture, and the skills identified for coding.

How We Work

Invoice Revisions

Make sure you have billed all the services you provide.

  • Ensure that gaps in documentation or coding don’t affect your finances

  • Obtain fair and optimal reimbursement for the care you’ve provided patients

  • No up-front costs, no additional work for your team

  • Receive strategic insights on systematic errors in documentation or coding

We analyse cases and construct a sample to test the accuracy of cases coded over the past five years. If we spot any inaccuracies or gaps in documentation or coding, we recode and resubmit cases. Once a case is resubmitted, we handle all of the discussions with insurers. Once you have obtained compensation for the recoded cases, we use the data to generate a report on coding accuracy and documentation which can be used to train the coding team and medical staff.

How We Work

Documentation Analysis

Implement structured documentation tools and processes to speed up and improve the accuracy of information used for coding and billing.

  • Ensure coders have all the data they need to work quickly and accurately

  • Simplify documentation for medical staff and reduce interruption

We analyse your documentation processes and identify areas where standardisation or automation could simplify the work of everyone involved in patient care. Based on observation of workflows and procedures, we work with you to develop simple tools to reduce the hassle of documenting patient cases, and ensuring that they are as complete as possible.

How We Work


We believe that healthy administration makes healthy hospitals. That’s why we develop our services to support hospitals in their DRG, TARPSY and ST Reha Coding. MySanda offers a new approach based on the coding and hospital administration expertise of our experienced team of coders, and the knowhow of the CWH Group, where 150 employers have been delivering service excellence in recruitment and home care services, for over 20 years.


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